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New Hitachi SCX1800 (2022) Tier 5 engine Full boom Price: POA

IHI CCH2800 Year 2007 Boom: 60m Hooks Location: Singapore Price: POA .

Hitachi CX700 (1997) Boom: 51m Aux sheave Hooks: 20t and 9t ball hook Kruger Mk 4k SLI Located in Ireland. POA

Kobelco CKE1100G (2017) 110t Boom: 42m + aux sheave 2 x hooks Hours: 5,200 POA Location: Ireland

Kobelco BM700 (1996) 70t Boom:42m only 1 x hook Location: Ireland POA

Kobelco BM500 (1998) 50t Boom: 42m + aux sheave 2 x hooks Good order. Located: Ireland POA

Hitachi CX700 (1998) 70t Boom: 42m + aux sheave 2 x hooks Very good condition. Location: Ireland Price: EUR 150,000 ex works

Sumitomo SC500 (1995) 50t Boom: 42m + luffer + fly jib Aux sheave 2 x hooks Excellent condition Location: Ireland POA

Hitachi KH180-1 (1983) 50t Boom: 32m 1 x hook Failead POA Located: Ireland