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Hitachi Mini Crane Model: EX60 LCT3 Capacity: 4.9t Year: 1996 Full repair and re-paint. New Wylie SLI fitted and tested. Price: GBP 27,500.00 - ex works UK.


Year: 1996 Boom: 64.05m + aux sheave Fly jib: 30m Live mast LWC counterweights: extra 30t for increased lifting duties. 3 x hooks Good working order. Price: GBP165,000.- ex works N.Ireland

Year: 2012 Hours: approx. 4,500 Main boom: 84m Luffer: 72m HL Mat: 30m Hooks: 400/200/120/70/40t and ball. Location: UK


Year: 1991 Boom: 67m + 27m fly jib 1 x hook. Good working order. Location: Co. Derry, N.Ireland

Year: 2015 Hours: –5,000 Boom: 42m + aux sheave 2 x hooks Price: GBP325,000.- ex works UK

Year: 2006 Hours: 19,500 Boom: 51.8m + aux sheave 26mm ropes Free fall winches Hooks: 35t and 6.6t Tractor type undercarriage – 95% good. Price: GBP198,500.- ex works UK.


Year: 2000 Boom: 120ft + aux sheave 2 x hooks Fine condition. POA


Year: 1997 Boom: 42m + aux sheave Hooks: 40t, 6.5t POA

Year: 2006 Boom: 48.8m + aux sheave Fly jib: 12.2m Hooks: 19t + ball-hook Engine : HINO JO8E – TM Rear view camera Quad New VTS grouser tracks fitted recently. POA