Crawler Cranes Crawler cranes have been the core of our business nearly 50 years.

We buy and sell cranes in Europe, America, the Far and Middle East and in Africa and Australia.

Our specialty is used crawlers of Japanese manufacture – Kobelco, Hitachi/Sumitomo and IHI.

We can also offer used mobile cranes – Grove, Liebherr, Terex. If you buy a used crane from us, we will ensure that it is clean and in good mechanical order. We will arrange transport and shipping and provide the documents you need.

You can pay us by bank transfer or with a Letter of Credit. If you have a crane for sale, send us initial details here and photographs. Tell us your price and we will try to do a deal with you.



Kobelco CKE2500-250t Year: 2006 Boom: 72m + fly jib 2 x hooks Location: UK. POA

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX800HD Year: 2006 Hours: 14,000 Boom: 46m + aux sheave 3 x hooks Fine condition. Location: UK POA

Sumitomo SC800HD Year: 1998 Boom: 48m + aux sheave 2 x hooks 26mm hoist rope Heavy duty crane in good working order. Location: England. POA

Kobelco CKE1100G (2017) 110t Boom: 42m + aux sheave 2 x hooks Hours: 5,200 POA Location: Ireland